Children are influenced by many people outside of their home, school and spiritual environments. Athletes can a big part of that outside influence. Athletes reach the highest levels through hard work, dedication and individual desire. Character Camps’ purpose is to have athletes share these experiences with our youth. These camps give the youth of all ages the opportunity to learn the importance of character, integrity, purpose, and responsibility in everyday life while simultaneously developing their athletic abilities.

Through Character Camps, athletes share some of the special skills that have made them successful in their sport while also instilling in the children some of the character-building skills necessary to succeed in life. Many children watch a professional athlete on television or at a sporting event, but very few ever know about the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication the athlete went through to get to that level. Character Camps give PPF athletes a chance to share both their talent and their inspirational stories with kids, helping them learn to do their very best while interacting positively with those around them.