A staggering number of existing computer labs in our schools and community centers, are severely outdated and thus drastically limit the effectiveness of educational programming.

Gameplan is a program designed to positively impact disadvantaged populations by providing access to technology and educational programs that would be otherwise unattainable.

The Gameplan programs facilitate the creation or renovation of learning environments and the technology therein, thus enabling youth in underserved areas to:

> Participate daily in high-yield learning activities, including intensive literacy, STEM-based programs, and a robust technology curriculum

> Understand how computers work, the types of opportunities they provide and their role in modern society

> Use technology to support and advance intellectual development;

> Use the Internet safely to access information and communicate;

> Explore technology-related careers and understand that mastering technology is integral to their economic success.

The Gameplan program endeavors not only create a state of the art environment, but also to implement unparalleled programming, guidance, and support to the youth in our community who need it the most.

Learning technology skills is important not only for enrichment, but also for the opportunities that they provide, opening up a new world of information and education that informs the whole child in his or her personal development. There can be little argument that to achieve success in the workplace today – and in the future – youth must master and effectively utilize technology. It is important to our mission that we offer technology to children who would not otherwise have access to it both for skill development and for overall youth development goals.

Upgrading the current technology will enable critical software updates to be completed. Having modern computers available for kids is an essential element to prepare youth to graduate from high school, ready to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities.

Gameplan labs are based on the “Wish-list” items for specific beneficiary but may include: new computers with monitors and hardware (headphones, keyboards, etc.), educational software, TVs or projectors and screens, tablets, whiteboards, new computer desks, kid-friendly furniture, built-ins designed to encourage reading and participation, and other new technologies as it become available.