Help PPF help Kids In Need (KIN) and their families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic!

Here at PPF we hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe amidst these unprecedented times. In addition to the obvious public health impact on our community COVID – 19 has had it is also having a devastating economic impact.  In an effort to address the latter challenge PPF has created the Kids in Need (KIN) program.

The mission of Pro Players Foundation is to enrich the lives of children in need across North Texas. Working with our nonprofit partners in the community PPF’s Kids In Need program has identified the specific needs of those impacted by the economic repercussions due to the virus.  Through this program we hope to bring givers closer to those they are assisting by purchasing dire need items identified by program directors working directly with the children and their families. We need your help to get these families what they need!

Please follow the links below to view the Wishlists that include the items that are most essential to families in need at this time. 

Your purchase from the Wish List will be sent directly to the nonprofits who will distribute the gifts to the children and families in their care. We will be posting updates when the families receive the gifts on all our social media platforms. Please share this efforts with friends or coworkers who are able and willing to help the most vulnerable families in our community at this time.


Child Care Associates reaches more than 17,000 children across Tarrant County. The organization provides academic and social/emotional growth through quality early education and child care programs. Thousands of children and families rely on CCA services to make ends meet. In this time of pandemic and economic hardship, here are examples few of the needs you can help families with right now on the Wishlist below!

Clothing for a homeless child

Ryedah is a two year old little girl who is everything to her parents. Their family is currently homeless, and has to choose between food and clothing for Ryedah on a daily basis. Please help them with these basic needs.

Beds for children in need

Michael, Jadelynn, Kaylie, Javion,  and Aniyah are brothers and sisters living in a single parent household with little to no material goods including a place to sleep. This family of 6 has one bed to share among themselves, and they need your help to get a good night sleep.

Pamper Lake Highlands seeks to empower women and children to break the cycle of generational poverty and oppression in Dallas, TX. During this difficult time, many families have been stalled in their efforts to climb out of poverty, like the ones below, hindering their ability to afford basic needs. Please help them!

Food for a Child In Need

Rocio is a 9 year old girl living who loves her older brother. In this difficult economic time, both of her parents are currently unemployed and struggling to provide food for their family.

A Baby Needs Diapers

David, a baby boy barely a year old, is the light of his parents life. It has been more difficult for the family to stay afloat after both parents lost their jobs. Please help provide basic needs such as diapers and food for this little boy.

If you would prefer to donate a set amount, please click the “donate to support” button below.  Through your support we will supply families in need with priority items from their Wishlists.