ADVISORY BOARD – Representatives from all five North Texas Professional Sports Teams, business executives and media managers make up the Foundation’s Advisory Board, which provides advice and support to the Pro Players Foundation and its’ Board of Directors. These individuals provide both technical expertise and assessment of the Foundation’s various programs and projects. The Advisory Board also supports the Foundation by fund raising, serving as advocates and public relations representatives, and providing a liaison between constituents and the organization.

ADVISORY COUNCIL – The Advisory Council is comprised of key representatives from our primary stakeholders who support Pro Players Foundation’s mission organization’s mission and purposes. These select individuals are ambassadors and advocates who: support the organization financially or through in-kind contributions either personally or through their represented institutions; foster volunteer support of PPF initiatives within their organization and the greater community; and partner with PPF annually on mission-driven projects and programs.

PRO PLAYERS – Current and former professional athletes who seek to go beyond the game to raise dollars and community awareness through direct support of the Foundation’s special events and programs.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – This group of business and community leaders is responsible for the operation and oversight of the Pro Players Foundation. The Board of Directors provides a governing process that defines the ethical guidelines and operating standards for the daily activities of the Foundation and helps supply a vision for the future.

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